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Introducing the Scleral Travel Kit

This kit is free for new scleral patient orders to make caring for these lenses easier than ever.

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Our Specialty Lens Tools

When you join ABB OPTICAL GROUP, you not only get access to our expert contact lens consultant team, but also to our extensive library of specialty lens tools to assist you with fitting your patients with the specialty lens that meets their unique needs.

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Please contact Specialty Vision Consultation for additional custom ranges and lens materials available. Made-to-order CONCISE Custom Soft lenses can be customized with any power, diameter, base curve, cylinder, axis and optic zone to provide a perfect fit - made only for your patients eyes.

Educational Resources

Fitting Tips & Newsletter

We ensure that your patients get the perfect lens fit, through fitting guides available for all proprietary custom gas permeable and custom soft specialty lens designs, fitting tutorials in multiple streaming formats, and tips for fitting and adjustments. Log in to see the full list!

Tutorials and Webinars

ABB OPTICAL GROUP is proud to be the first company to develop webinars to help practices extend their knowledge in fitting specialty custom lenses. Schedule a Scleral Seminar Today!

Specialty Lens Consultants

Our specialty lens consultants are experts in their field and have helped thousands of eye care practitioners nationwide fit their patients with contact lenses, resulting in a high level of patient satisfaction and retention.

Video & Product Guides

ICD Education Videos

ICD Education Videos

The ICD family of lens designs can help you successfully fit even your most visually challenged patients with outstanding comfort and optics. The ICD Flexfit is a superior scleral lens design that gives you the ability to fit irregular and regular corneas.

Paragon CRT

Get Paragon CRT® Certified

ABB Optical Group is proud to be able to offer our customers Paragon CRT® contact lenses, which through orthokeratology technology is changing how many see the world. Call our Specialty Lens Customer Service team at 1-800-772-3911 option 3 to learn more!

Get REMLens® Certified

Get REMLens® Certified

X-Cel Specialty Contacts and ABB Optical Group understand the critical need for eye care professionals to have a choice when it comes to prescribing specialty GP lenses for the management of myopia for patients of all ages. Convenient online certification is required for eye care practitioners to ensure knowledge of the fitting process. Get started today!

KeraSoft® Thin

KeraSoft® Thin

For people with keratoconus, lifestyle often takes second place to ensuring a visual acuity necessary for work or driving. KeraSoft® Thin delivers visual acuity comparable to that of rigid options, with all day comfort that ensures all day wear, every day.

CONCISE Custom Soft

CONCISE Custom Soft

Made-to-order CONCISE Custom Soft lenses can be customized with any power, diameter, base curve, cylinder, axis, and optic zone to provide a perfect fit - made only for your patient's eyes.

What our customers are saying:

Helping my patients see and improve their quality of life is why I do what I do. I know that when I have patients who present with a particularly challenging lens fitting, I can rely on ABB OPTICAL's specialty lens consulting experts. Their team will work with you until they find the right solution

Laurie Runnerstrom, O.D.
Greenbush Eye Center, East Greenbush, New York

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