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Customized to Fit Unique Visual Needs

With the largest portfolio of specialty lenses (Gas Permeable and Custom Soft) in the industry, ABB Specialty Vision Products has the lens design to meet your patient's unique ocular needs. But it's not just about the breadth of our portfolio that sets us apart. It's how we work with you to grow your specialty business.

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ABB Specialty Vision Products

We’re proud to deliver superior products and extraordinary service with fast turn-around to eye care professionals.

Take your specialty business to a whole new level with the resources to help you grow.

EDUCATIONAL TOOLS – take advantage of Wetlabs, Scleral Lens Bootcamps, Lunch & Learns, and more. To set up an educational opportunity for your practice click here.

SPECIALTY LENS CONSULTANTS – our highly skilled experts have helped thousands of eye care practitioners nationwide.

FITTING GUIDES & TIPS – ensure that patients get the perfect lens fit for all proprietary custom gas permeable and custom soft specialty lens designs.

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News in Specialty Vision Products

Staff Training
Fall 2020 Newsletter

Scleral Lens Care and Handling

Proper staff training and, in turn, proper patient education create a baseline for good habits and lens wear success.

Consultation Corner: Back Surface Fogging
Fall 2020 Newsletter

Back Surface Fogging

Back surface fogging is usually related to the lens fit. Adjusting the fit will usually decrease or eliminate back surface fogging issues.

Building Your Practice
Fall 2020 Newsletter

Build Your Scleral Practice Through the 4 Steps of Efficient Fitting

Let’s look at a few steps that can make your scleral patient fitting process efficient while achieve success in a minimum of office visits.

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