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MyDay® toric


Our best toric technologies, now in a silicone hydrogel 1-day lens. MyDay® toric lenses deliver the consistent centration, stable fit, and excellent visual acuity you and your patients can depend on. Smart Silicone™ chemistry transports oxygen so efficiently that it requires less raw silicon (only 4.4% content), leaving more space for hydrophilic material. These features deliver the comfort, softness, and easy handling that patients love.

Product Benefits

  • Same toric design features as Biofinity® toric
  • 3rd generation silicone hydrogel material for all-day comfort
  • Up to 4x Dk/t of a hydrogel 1-day lens for higher oxygen transmissibility
  • Our highest UVA/UVB filters
Lens Material
stenfilcon A
Lens Packaging
90 Pk
Lens Water Content
Lens Wearing Schedule
Daily Disposable
Lens Trial Available