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June 1, 2020

Canada Distributions

ABB Optical Group Begins Distribution Services in Canada

06/01/20: ABB announced it has commenced distribution of contact lenses to Canadian eye care professionals

May 21, 2020


Announcing ABB Revitalize Eye Care Recovery Initiative

05/21/20: ABB Revitalize offers services, special offers and other resources to help support ECPs nationwide

May 18, 2020


Introducing EyecareLive at No Cost for Two Months

05/18/20: ABB Optical Group introduces EyecareLive offering of Telemedicine Solution at no cost for two months

May 7, 2020

ABB Analyze

ABB Analyze Announces National Trends Report

05/07/20: Introducing a national industry trends report through the ABB Analyze practice management dashboard

April 3, 2020

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Announcing Virtual Resource Center for ECPs

04/03/20: Introducing an online Virtual Resource Center with tools, services and initiatives to help support ECPs

March 30, 2020

ABB Payment Statement

ABB Updated Payment Terms & Policies

03/30/20: ABB is helping customers by implementing new billing and payment terms on a temporary basis

March 19, 2020

Statement from ABB Optical Group on Shipping and Courier Policies Regarding COVID-19

Shipping & Courier Policies regarding COVID-19

03/19/20: ABB receives updates from our shipping and courier service providers on their response to the coronavirus situation

March 18, 2020

ABB Optical Group Announces Latest Operational Updates and Introduces Customer Resources for COVID-19 Response

Operational Updates & Customer Resources

03/18/20: ABB launches efforts to assist ECPs during the continued escalation of the coronavirus situation

March 16, 2020

ABB Optical Group Launches Patient Outreach and Virtual Trade Show Programs

ABB Launches Virtual Trade Show Programs

03/16/20: ABB launches two initiatives to assist ECPs during this time of heightened health concerns regarding the coronavirus