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Custom Soft Lenses

ABB Optical Group is FDA-approved to manufacture custom soft lenses in three HEMA materials. Regardless of what patient walks through your door, our team of specialty contact lens consultants can help you determine the best option to fit their unique needs.

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Lens Manufacturer
Lens Type/Indication
ABB Optical Group CONCISE Colors
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HD Aspheric
PolyVue HD Aspheric
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HD ProColor
PolyVue HD ProColor
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HD2 Aspheric
PolyVue HD2 Aspheric
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HDT Toric Aspheric
PolyVue HDT Toric Aspheric
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HDX Multifocal
PolyVue HDX Multifocal
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HDX Multifocal Toric
PolyVue HDX Multifocal Toric
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HDX Toric Progressive Multifocal
PolyVue HDX Toric Progressive Multifocal
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HDX2 Multifocal
PolyVue HDX2 Multifocal
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ABB Optical Group K / MTO K
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Kerasoft IC
ABB Optical Group KeraSoft IC
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Kerasoft Thin
UltraVision Kerasoft Thin
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Multifocal / Multifocal MTO
ABB Optical Group Multifocal / Multifocal MTO
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Multifocal Toric / Multifocal Toric MTO
ABB Optical Group Multifocal Toric / Multifocal Toric MTO
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ROSE K2 Soft
Menicon ROSE K2 Soft
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Sphere / MTO Sphere
ABB Optical Group Sphere / MTO Sphere
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Toric / Toric MTO
ABB Optical Group Toric / Toric MTO
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