Application and Removal of Ortho-K Lenses

Proper application, removal, and hygiene are instrumental in the patient's long-term success with orthokeratology. This step creates the discipline needed to successfully wear Ortho-K correction. When providing instructions on care and handling, the age range of orthokeratology patients often requires a different approach. For example, younger children are much more successful with animated material, while adults or teenagers may prefer video or written material. Many of these materials are provided by manufacturing partners and can be personalized for the practice.

For both adults and children, viewing videos prior to the application and removal appointment will set proper expectations. These videos explain the most common methods of lens application and what to expect when removing the lenses. Due to the sleeping, closed eye state, the lens will decrease in movement and sometime be difficult to remove. The lens may need to be manually manipulated to dislodge and start moving again. The most common removal techniques are lid manipulation or “popping out” of the lens and the use of a DMV plunger.

During the initial appointment, provide the patient with instruction forms and compliance forms as a reminder of proper technique. Compliance forms ensure the patient understands the responsibility of the Ortho K treatment for myopia. As many of the patients for Ortho-K are children, involving the parent in each step is also important, assuring both the patient and parent know the responsibility. ABB Specialty provides printable instructions and compliance forms, created by our manufacturing partners, to the practice upon request.

Ortho-K treatment occurs while the patient's eyes are in a closed state while sleeping. Therefore, the patient is required to learn the necessary steps to avoid infection and the steps needed to ensure maximum lens comfort. The application and removal resources elaborate on the potential risk of not following the proper protocol.

Solutions and lens care are extremely important in Ortho-K success. It falls to the practitioner to recommend appropriate solutions. The patient should follow the care system instructions prescribed by the practice for optimum care. There are two care system types approved for use with GP/Ortho-K lenses:

Here’s an overview of the training.

  • GP Multi-Purpose Solutions are a single bottle solution used for cleaning and disinfection. This system utilizes a rub, rinse and soak method to clean, rinse and disinfect the contact lens.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Based Systems require a 2-step process of cleaning and disinfection. The lens is generally rubbed and rinsed with separate solutions and then placed in a hydrogen peroxide-based solution with a neutralization disc to disinfect the lens.

Instructions on the cleaning and care are generally given at the application and removal classes provided by the practitioner’s staff.

These application and removal class will often set the tone of the adaption process and lead to the success of Ortho K. ABB Specialty will provide the practice with instruction and resources for a successful patient experience. We will also train new employees, which continues beyond the integration. Please call our consultation department to schedule a presentation!

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Application and Removal

Application and Removal of Ortho-K Lenses

Proper application, removal, and hygiene are instrumental in the patient's long-term success with orthokeratology.