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Our portfolio of stock ophthalmic lenses includes a comprehensive listing of both brand-recognized and value products, available in stock and at different price points for both the eyecare professional and patient. Consolidate stock ophthalmic lens orders with soft contact lens orders and save on shipping charges to your office!

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Lens Manufacturer
Materials & Wear
Hoya Sensity EX3 AR
Seiko Hoya Sensity EX3 AR
Hoya Sensity Hard Coat
Seiko Hoya Sensity Hard Coat
SuperClean AR
Seiko SuperClean AR
Surpass ECP AR
Seiko Surpass ECP AR
Transitions VII AR
Seiko Transitions VII AR
Transitions VII Hard Coat
Seiko Transitions VII Hard Coat
Transitions VII Surpass ECP
Seiko Transitions VII Surpass ECP