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SEIKO Digital Lenses

Seiko has a variety of patented designs suitable for every lifestyle that are individually crafted to the patient's exact Rx. They aim to produce eyewear that performs the best for every individual through industry-leading technology, design and quality.

Most advanced and precisely customized - 100% internal free-form technology lens with 3 optimized lens designs for Balanced, Near and Far Zone priority vision.

Surmount / Surmount WS
Highest Performing Digital PAL - Seiko Surmount lenses are up to 25% flatter in plus prescriptions. The result is a noticeable difference in lens bulge when compared to all other competitive progressive designs.

Succeed / Succeed WS
The Original Proven Seiko Design - Super soft design for first time PAL wearers and previous non-adapts. WS: A firmer design for short fitting heights and higher Add powers.

PC Wide
Digital Occupational Lens - PC Wide is the ideal choice for those who want the most comfortable vision and highest levels of optical quality, especially when spending long hours on a computer.

Supercede II
Technologically Advanced PAL - This lens design offers a wider field of vision in the distance, a smoother intermediate area and a larger/wider reading area than the best-selling Seiko Succeed and Succeed WS lens designs.

Super Max View Single Vision™
Thinnest Digital Single Vision - The first dual aspheric freeform single vision lens. Superior optics and thinner lenses.

Optimized Universal Performance for All Wearers - A new individualized lens design that utilizes patented "Internal Progressive + Internal Aspheric design."