GP Scleral Contact Lens - ultimate control of the complete fit!

Ampleye is a 4-Zone scleral lens employing Spline Science Technology to connect and smooth the lens junctions, making each zone independently adjustable.

Ampleye is ideal for:

  • All patients with irregular corneas
  • Corneal GP intolerance
  • Lens stability issues
  • Patients with dry eye conditions or ocular surface disease

Ampleye lens design features:

  • Fitting by patient condition and not K-readings
  • Spline science technology for complete control over all 4 zones
  • 16.5mm optimal diameter with 150um toric haptic on standard Rx lenses & in diagnostic set
  • 9 lens diagnostic set covers both prolate and oblate corneas
  • HydroLock for relieving symptoms of dry eye and ocular surface disease
  • Front Toric option
  • Quadrant Specific Control option
  • Front surface, center near, simultaneous vision multifocal available
  • NEW Smaller diameter options available. Only one 9 lens diagnostic set required for entire 15.0-17.0 range
  • Available with the No Risk or Guaranteed Fit warranty program

Ampleye is available in a wide range of parameters:

  • Sagittal Depth: 3,800um to 5,600um (3,200um to 4,800um in 15.0/15.5mm)
  • Base Curves: 6.04 to 8.44; 1.0D = 50um
  • Powers: Made to Order
  • Diameters: 16.5mm standard; 15.0, 15.5, 16.0 & 17.0mm available
  • Cylinder Axis: 10 to 1800 in 10 steps
  • Thickness: .30mm standard; in .01mm steps
  • PCZ, LLZ, SLZ: Standard = 0; adjustable in 1.0 steps (25um)
  • Multifocal Add: +1.00 to +3.50 (.25 steps)
    Standard 2.0mm zone; adj from 1.00 to 4.00 (.50mm)
  • Multifocal CN Zone
For more information and to order, call our dedicated Scleral Lens Consultation line at 1-800-772-3911 and choose option 4.

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