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Spherical | Signature Lens Designs

The OxyFlow design is manufactured for a traditional alignment fit with low to moderate edge lift. This lens design has a spherical base curve with one or more spherical peripheral curves. It allows the Eye Care Practitioner to customize the peripheral curve system or use the standard ABB OPTICAL GROUP parameters. The OxyFlow lens design is best suited for myopic and hyperopic patients with up to 2.00D of corneal astigmatism.

The EdgeLift design has a spherical base curve with an aspheric peripheral system which allows for a junction-less transition from base curve. This Axial Edge Lift (AEL) design allows the Eye Care Practitioner to customize and change the lift by 0.01mm increments if desired or to use the standard ABB OPTICAL GROUP parameters. This standard thickness design is best suited for myopic and hyperopic patients with up to 2.00D of corneal astigmatism.

The Standard Pliaflex lenses are a family of thin profile lenses made up of Pliaflex and Pliaflex PD. Pliaflex PD is manufactured in the Polycon design. Both of these lens designs offer excellent stability, durability and wettability in a thin lens design. The Pliaflex edge profile reduces lens to lid interaction for faster adaptation and increased initial and long term comfort. The Pliaflex lens does not work well on spherical corneas or Against the Rule astigmatism. Patients must have a minimum of .75D and up to 2.50D corneal cylinder. Consider this lens design for first time GP lens wearers or current wearers of other thin lens designs. Other ideal Pliaflex candidates are patients whose lenses decenter inferiorly because of excessive weight. Anytime a thin lens is desired, select Pliaflex as it is proven to work.

VeraconVeracon Aspheric
Veracon Aspheric is designed as an aspheric central base curve with a programmed peripheral lift. It delivers great aberation control that can fit up to 2-3 diopters of corneal astigmatism. The Veracon lens is ideal for emerging presbyopes with up to a +1.00 add and may delay the need of a multifocal 4-5 years.

Bifocal/Multifocal | Signature Lens Designs

SeamlessMandell Seamless
Developed by Dr. Robert Mandell, this is an ABB OPTICAL GROUP signature lens with proven performance as a Front Surface Concentric design. The unique transition zone provides seamless, "no jump" transition between the distance and near optic zones, which can be customized. This lens is also available in a reverse curve and in any astigmatic lens design. Patients view through true spherical optics for both distance and near vision, no prism required. The Mandell Seamless Multifocal is ideal for patients that have specific distance and near requirements with minimal intermediate. This lens is your sure fit design for existing GP single vision wearers. Your patients will experience an easy transition from their single vision lenses to a multifocal design with minimal change. The Mandell Seamless Multifocal will provide up to +3.00D in add power.

A revolutionary versatile lens design offering the most flexible, simultaneous multifocal vision. This multifocal contact lens provides consistent, predictable results while allowing you to customize the zone sizes and add powers to the individual patients needs. This lens is also available in a back toric design for certain astigmats and can also be used on some post refractive surgical patients where a multifocal is desired. The XTriVision lens is an ideal choice for patients that require distance, near and intermediate vision. The XTriVision lens will provide up to +3.00D of add power.

Featuring Controlled Zone TechnologyTM, this presbyopic lens allows transition from the distance zone through the intermediate zone into the near zone seamlessly. Versare is suited for emerging presbyopes and patients with up to 2 diopters or less of corneal astigmatism. It is great for patients that require optimal distance vision and will provide up to +2.00D add power.

Natural VisionNatural Vision
A translating, truncated/prism ballasted lens design. This lens has true monocentric construction to avoid image doubling and virtually no limit to the distance or add powers. Modern computer controlled lathing allows for crisp optics, thinner lenses and a minimum edge for optimal comfort and centration. Natural Vision Bifocal is ideal for advanced presbyopes and patients that have fi ne visual discrimination needs, which will be satisfied from the precise visual performance this lens delivers. This lens can also be manufactured in a round diameter.

The new TriVA lens is an exceptionally comfortable translating GP design that combines crisp, spherical distance and near optics with supplemental intermediate aspheric power, for uncompromising vision in all three areas of gaze. The TriVA lens may be empirically fit simply with K’s and Rx. Patients are amazed when they experience sharp, clear vision for distance, intermediate and near.

Irregular Cornea | Signature Lens Designs

This lens is designed for beginning to moderate Keratoconic patients. The cCONE is constructed in a three zone design. Each zone is clearly labeled for dimensions to enhance fi ne tuning for the final fit. A performance proven lens that is easy to fit and gentle on the cornea. The cCONE is a first choice for central or mildly superior conic corneas. However, the cCONE can also be manufactured in any keratoconic design with your customized parameters.

For moderate to advanced Keratoconic patients, the eCONE lens features Controlled Zone TechnologyTM improving the fitting relation between the lens and keratoconic cornea. The net result is enhanced comfort and acuity while simplifying challenging fits. The peripheral curve is an actual edge lift system which can be adjusted to give more or less edge lift depending on the need. This lens is designed for the more centrally located cone.

The XCONE is a reverse geometry design that provides better centration and less tilting or rocking of the lens. The result is a better fit along with enhanced comfort and acuity. This lens is best suited for patients with pellucid marginal degeneration, post surgical, and other irregular corneal applications including some corneal grafts.

A large gas permeable contact lens, the G.B.L. is designed to center well on the corneas of patients for whom conventional lenses often decenter. This lens is also available in a reverse geometry design. The G.B.L. lens gives the fitter a new dimension to successfully provide a healthy corneal response together with improved vision. The diameter range of the G.B.L. is 10.8mm to 12.5mm. It may be used for any patient with lens decentration, but is especially effective in the correction of irregular corneas, including keratoconus and pellucid marginal degeneration.

The SurgiLens incorporates a reverse geometry curve on the posterior surface which results in an improved fit over conventional designs, providing enhanced comfort and optimal visual acuity. This lens is also available in an aspheric design. The SurgiLens is designed for the post refractive surgical cornea (post lasik/post graft).

Reverse GeometryReverse Geometry
Reverse Geometry lens designs have secondary and/or mid-peripheral curves that are steeper than the base curve. Reverse geometry designs can provide increased comfort, stability and improve the quality of vision.