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ABB Specialty Vision Products Introduces Specialty Lens Podcast

Specialty Vision Education Consultant Dede Reyes hosts podcast series featuring specialty lens experts and their artwork

Coral Springs, Fla (July 28, 2021) – ABB Specialty Vision Products, the specialty contact lens division of ABB Optical Group, is excited to announce the launch of its first podcast dedicated to not only the science behind specialty contact lenses but also the art form connected to successfully fitting specialty and scleral lenses.

Dede Talks: The Art of Specialty Lenses is a podcast series hosted by Dede Reyes, FCLSA, ABB’s Professional Education Consultant. With a new episode every month, a specialty lens expert who also possesses artistic talent will join Reyes to explore the many facets of specialty lenses and the art of contact lens fitting. The podcast will also dive into the featured artist’s portfolio to showcase the many talents of eyecare industry professionals across the country including a variety of artistic mediums such as painting, photography, food, sculptures and more.

“Fitting specialty contact lenses is as much an art as it is a science,” said Reyes. “Many of my colleagues and peers in the eyecare industry are also talented and creative artists. I’m very excited to share their stories, discuss their experience and knowledge about specialty lenses and also dive into their artistic portfolios, ultimately providing viewers and listeners with a unique look into the world of specialty contact lens fitting.”

Two episodes of Dede Talks: The Art of Specialty Lenses are available now on YouTube, Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud:

  • Episode 1: Dede meets with Karen Carrasquillo, OD, to discuss unusual scleral lens designs and feature her calligraphy.
  • Episode 2: Dede meets with Tom Arnold, OD, about new scleral lens designs, how art is tied to the design of specialty contact lenses and showcase some of Arnold’s beautiful and creative photography.

Upcoming episodes of Dede Talks: The Art of Specialty Lenses include:

  • Episode 3: Dede meets with Melissa Barnett, OD, key opinion leader and scleral lens expert, to discuss scleral lens fitting and instrumentation, along with showcasing a selection of Barnett’s colorful photography.
  • Episode 4: Dede and Mile Brujic, OD, talk about how music and specialty contact lens design are very similar in their construction. Brujic, a guitarist and music enthusiast, will provide a look into his vast guitar collection and play tunes for listeners and viewers.
  • Episode 5: Dede Talks with Christine Sindt, OD, to listen to her experience with specialty lenses and pediatrics. The featured artwork for this episode will include paintings by ABB’s specialty lens consultant Sherre McMahon.

To learn more about the podcast and watch or view episodes, visit

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