eyedia® soft 58

eyedia® soft 58

eyedia soft 55

Comprehensive testing for wearer satisfaction has shown that switching to eyedia® soft 58 can improve your contact lens experience. Now available in a convenient 6 pack, this model's unique Truform edge design produces a smoother, thinner shaped lens and gives the wearer optimal movement with comfort. Research indicates eyedia® soft 58 is comparable to other market-leading methafilcon lenses in terms of vision, handling, fit and comfort, due to its high water content and water retention capacity. Aspheric optics and Truform technology combine for soft, versatile lenses that center perfectly on the wearer for enhanced visibility. eyedia® soft 58 lenses also feature Class 2 UV protection for daily practical use that won't dry out your eyes, ensuring the wearer soft lenses for all-day comfort.

Product Benefits

  • Truform Technology ensures uniform lens thickness and rounded edges for maximum comfort
  • Aspheric Optics and Truform Technology result in incomparable visuals for the patient
  • Class 2 UV protection


Material Packaging Water Content Wearing Schedule Trial Available
etafilcon A 6 Pk 58% Daily wear, monthly replacement No


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