eyedia® soft 55

eyedia® soft 55

eyedia soft 55

The performance of eyedia® soft 55 has been extensively tested through a range of clinical studies. The visual acuity of eyedia® soft 55 is optimized over the entire power range and the incorporation of aberration correcting aspherics provide wearers with maximum contrast sensitivity, particularly in low illumination where it is needed most. The peripheral and edge design of eyedia® soft 55 provides a balance between excellent comfort and assured handling. The comfort and handling of eyedia® soft 55 was preferred by wearers compared with other leading brands. The larger diameter of eyedia® soft 55 assists in centering the lens on the eye and ensures a wide latitude of fit over a wide range of corneal sizes, providing practitioners with a versatile fitting lens.

Product Benefits

  • Truform Technology ensures uniform lens thickness and rounded edges for maximum comfort
  • Aspheric Optics and Truform Technology result in incomparable visuals for the patient
  • Class 2 UV protection


Material Packaging Water Content Wearing Schedule Trial Available
methafilcon A 6 Pk 55% Daily wear, monthly replacement No


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