Seiko stock single vision lenses are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. Lenses are available from ABB OPTICAL GROUP in 1.74, 1.67, 1.60, Polycarbonate and 1.50 (CR-39) materials.

MX Superclean AR
Light weight lenses offer outstanding durability and are incredibly thin. Seiko’s patented and proven MX low base technology improves optics on the periphery, reduces marginal astigmatism and distortion, and reduces chromatic aberration. MX Superclean is available in 1.74 Aspheric material and covers wide range of prescriptions.

Super SV AR
Seiko’s Super SV AR lenses are the most technologically advanced single vision lenses available. They are manufactured using high-index MR-10 resin and are extremely durable and ideal for drill mounting. The Super SV AR is available in 1.67 Aspheric High-Index.

Transitions® Signature VIITM
Seiko lenses offer the largest selection of single vision Transitions® lenses. They are available from ABB OPTICAL GROUP in the following materials 1.74 with Surpass ECP AR, 1.67 hardcoated or with Surpass ECP AR, Diamond Clear Polycarbonate hardcoated or with Surpass ECP AR and Ultra 1.50 (CR-39) hard coated or with Surpass ECP AR.

Surpass® ECP AR
This outstanding protective top coating combines hydrophobic and oleophobic chemistry to provide ultra-high coating surface tension. The result is a lens that is extraordinarily easy to clean. Engineered for the best overall durability, Surpass ECP repels water, oils and grime, while preventing deterioration due to UV, humidity and normal temperature fluctuation.

Premium plastic lenses available in 1.60 High-Index Aspheric and Spherical designs and 1.50 (CR-39).