Other OP Manufacturers

Hoya, Resolution, Shore & Vision Ease


Hoya combines specialized processes in optical engineering with high-tech knowledge of advanced materials to bend and manipulate light more precisely than ever before possible. Hoya lenses are available in a variety of materials and coatings including Trivex.


RESOLUTION lenses have an advanced Aspheric/Atoric lens design that makes the lens thinner, flatter, lighter and totally distortion free. RESOLUTION lenses are available with and without AR.


Shore has brought to the market, lenses that perform, with prices that keep you competitive. Shore lenses provide the value alternative to some of today's most frequently ordered lens products.

Vision Ease

Continua lenses provide a superior combination of scratch resistance and anti-reflective coating compatibility for long lasting durability. Continua Tintable lenses provide easier tinting and faster turnaround so that your tinting process runs more efficiently.