Polarized Plano

KBCO _ Younger Optics


Polarized lenses provide unmatched outdoor vision by reducing dangerous glare and providing UV protection.

Mirror Polarized
Brown or gray base polycarbonate lenses available with a variety of different mirror color options. Mirror polarized lenses offer protection from the sun’s glare – reflecting light away from the wearer’s eyes and protecting against harmful UV rays. Mirror polarized lenses are ideal for patients with sensitivity to light and for patients spending a lot of time outdoors.

Plano Polarized
Plastic and polycarbonate, 6 or 8 base and glass lenses are available in several sunglass color options. Plano polarized lenses offer reduced glare and protect against harmful UV. Plano polarized lenses benefit patients that enjoy a lot of time outdoors – like driving, boating, fishing, skiing, or even just being in the sun, by increasing comfort while protecting their sight.