Essilor is the leader in prescription lens technology. Single vision lenses are available in several different materials including polycarbonate, plastic and high-index. Crizal® no-glare coatings are also available and provide enhanced vision by reducing the effects of glare, smudges, water, dust and dirt, and UV rays. State-of-the-art adaptive photochromic Transitions® Signature VII™ lenses provide the best of both worlds indoors and outdoors.

Crizal® Prevencia™
Selective filtering of harmful Blue-Violet light. Clear comfortable vision.

Crizal® Avancé™ UV
Enhanced scratch resistance. Dust and dirt repellence for clearer vision and less cleaning.

Crizal® Alizé™ UV
Superior protection against smudges, oil and water.

Crizal® Easy™ UV
Durability. Easier to clean than ordinary lenses.

Transitions® Signature VII™
See life in the best light. Best combination of darkness, fast fade back and indoor clarity in a photochromic lens. Most reactive to bright sun, partial sun, and indirect light – such as reflected from buildings, cars and many other surfaces.

The ultimate lens choice for every lifestyle. 30% lighter and 25% thinner than ordinary lenses. Safe, durable lenses for those who like to play sports and those who like to push the limit.