Ophthalmic Lenses

Ophthalmic Lenses

The ABB OPTICAL GROUP portfolio of optical lenses has redefined brand recognition and value, and includes products from Essilor, KBCO, SOMO and Trivex. Our product offering is based on Essilor's brand awareness and SOMO's affordable products and was designed to increase your profits and keep you competitive in today's changing marketplace.

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Essilor Optical Lenses Crizal Avance

Essilor®Product information for the Eye Care Professional

Essilor's Crizal Avance UV, Crizal Alize UV, Crizal UV, Airwear and Thin & Lite eyeglass lenses respond to consumer demand for eyewear that is comfortable, attractive, durable and lightweight. ABB OPTICAL GROUP carries popular, Essilor® high performance spectacle lenses in-stock ready to ship.

  • Crizal Avance UV
  • Crizal Alize UV
  • Crizal UV
  • Scratch Resistant

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SOMO Optical Lenses


SOMO®Product information for the Eye Care Professional

SOMO's UltraClear AR, Premium Clear AR, Quick Change Photochromic and hard coated lenses are available factory direct to ABB OPTICAL GROUP. SOMO lenses, ranging from CR-39 to 1.74 Aspheric, have the Colts Seal of Certifiable Quality and have earned “Best in Class” ratings for the Colts Real Life Simulation Lifetime Wearers Test.  ABB OPTICAL GROUP has SOMO lenses in stock and available to you at the best prices!

  • UltraClear AR lenses
  • SOMO (Premium Clear) AR lenses
  • QCP (Quick Change Photochromic) lenses
  • Hard Coat lenses

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Trivex Optical Lenses Trivex

Trivex®Product information for the eye care professional

Trivex® blends the benefits of light weight and thinness, often resembling a high index lens while weighing even less than a polycarbonate lens. Trivex® lens material provides the critical performance characteristics called for in everyday living—bringing patient's the best of all worlds. Trivex® lenses are available from ABB OPTICAL GROUP in clear hard coat, clear AR and Transitions® hard coat.

  • Trivex Clear AR lenses
  • Trivex Clear Hard Coat lenses
  • Trivex Transitions Hard Coat lenses

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KBco Polarized Lenses KBco

Polarized Lens Product information for the Eye Care Professional

ABB OPTICAL GROUP carries KBco Polarized Plano Lenses for patients who don't need corrective power but desire the comfort and safety of high quality polarized lenses to shield their eyes from harmful UV rays. KBco polarized lenses are made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate and plastic.

  • Polarized Lens Polycarbonate 6 base
  • Plastic 6 Base Polarized Lenses
  • Polarized lenses Plastic 8 Base

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