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ABB Lab Digital Lenses

ABB Labs is the premier freeform digital lab in the US, exclusively using digital lens fabrication technology since 2007. Every lens is engineered to adjust for even the slightest variation in prescription, face measurements, and frame measurements, resulting in truly personalized eyewear for your patients' every need and lifestyle.

Digital Master Series
The Digital Master Series, our newest proprietary product line, features a new group of lens offerings, which are fabricated using the most recent enhancements in digital lens design. XPANSE is the first lens design to be introduced within the Digital Master Series.

Digital 5.0
Proprietary personalized digital lens series engineered to redefine what is possible in customized eyewear. Beyond just the latest advancement in lens technology, it is the fusion of form, flexibility, unsurpassed visual acuity, and personalized comfort. Powered by DXT: The combination of ABB Labs's own developed software technologies with digital lens fabrication technologies.

Everyday Progressive Lens with Inter Boost Technology – Increased comfort and visual performance in the intermediate zone. Fully back-surfaced fabricated design, variable hard/soft designed based on the patient's Rx, and multiple corridor length options. Perfect for near/reading area.

Digital Single Vision – The most sophisticated wearer compensated power single vision lens available. Full base curve selection flexibility. Ideal for flat or wrap-compensated lenses.

Optimized for Outdoor Use – 100% digital backside PAL providing increased visual performance in the intermediate and far zones. Perfect for outdoor activities: driving and sports.

Digital General Purpose PAL – Fully optimized 100% backside digital PAL. Providing the widest, sharpest visual performance.

Digital Round Segment Bifocal – Choose between 22mm, 28mm, and 38mm round segments. 100% customized digitally fabricated inside surface.

Fully Customized Digital PAL – Wearer compensated digital PAL. Design considers pantoscopic tilt panoramic angle and patient's vertex distance.

Thickness Reducing Digital Sunglass Technology – Drastically improved cosmetics in high plus powers in wrap frames. Available in both single vision and PAL designs. Fully digital optimized lens offering extraordinary performance with never before seen cosmetic improvement.

Fully Customized Digital PAL - Version two was built upon the original MOD PAL design. It is further optimized to provide even better wearer performance and allows for a seamless upgrade. The MOD2 PAL is available to order in all lens materials.

Digital Single Vision - Personalized Single Vision lens with a customized light add power in the lower portion of the lens to best suit the needs of the wearer.


Technologically advanced anti-reflective coatings available exclusively from ABB Labs.

Claris HD
Provides unsurpassed cleanability, scratch protection and durability. Specially formulated for today's high-tech digitally fabricated spectacle lenses, ClarisHD eliminates unwanted front and back lens surface reflections. ClarisHD provides outstanding contrast so that every detail looks crisper and sharper; ensuring clear, comfortable vision.

Claris HD Plus
A thermo-dipped hard coat providing industry leading scratch resistance and increased levels of hydrophobia, oleophobia and static resistance. While our premium AR coating virtually eliminates annoying reflections, ClarisHD PLUS also reduces eye fatigue and improves contrast and comfort. It provides maximum visual acuity by reducing glare, scratches and smudges. Lenses with ClarisHD PLUS are even easier to clean and keep clean.

Claris bluDefense
Claris bluDEFENSE reflects harmful blue light and UV light away from the eye while allowing beneficial blue light to pass through the lens. It protects the eyes from harmful HEV light by reducing backside reflection and also reduces scatter and glare for better vision and clarity. Claris bluDEFENSE improves comfort, reduces eye fatigue and headaches along with blurred vision associated with digital eye strain, all while maintaining lens transparency.