CLARIS Family of AR


ABB Labs is the premier freeform digital lab in the US, exclusively using digital lens fabrication technology since 2007. Every lens is engineered to adjust for even the slightest variation in prescription, face measurements, and frame measurements, resulting in truly personalized eyewear for your patients' every need and lifestyle.


CLARIS Family of AR

Technologically advanced anti-reflective coatings available exclusively from ABB Labs.


Claris HD
Provides unsurpassed cleanability, scratch protection and durability. Specially formulated for today's high-tech digitally fabricated spectacle lenses, ClarisHD eliminates unwanted front and back lens surface reflections. ClarisHD provides outstanding contrast so that every detail looks crisper and sharper; ensuring clear, comfortable vision.

Claris HD Plus
A thermo-dipped hard coat providing industry leading scratch resistance and increased levels of hydrophobia, oleophobia and static resistance. While our premium AR coating virtually eliminates annoying reflections, ClarisHD PLUS also reduces eye fatigue and improves contrast and comfort. It provides maximum visual acuity by reducing glare, scratches and smudges. Lenses with ClarisHD PLUS are even easier to clean and keep clean.

Claris bluDefense
Claris bluDEFENSE reflects harmful blue light and UV light away from the eye while allowing beneficial blue light to pass through the lens. It protects the eyes from harmful HEV light by reducing backside reflection and also reduces scatter and glare for better vision and clarity. Claris bluDEFENSE improves comfort, reduces eye fatigue and headaches along with blurred vision associated with digital eye strain, all while maintaining lens transparency.