UNITY Performance Optics products include a premium line of anti-reflective coatings and lens solutions that will elevate your practice and your bottom line! The UNITY portfolio includes digitally-surfaced, high-definition lenses and lens enhancements with exceptional technology to offer your patients a complete range of choices. Help them see better, because better vision means a better life.

UNITY Performance Coatings
From high-quality digital lenses to performance coatings, UNITY Performance optics products help you succeed and grow in today's competitive marketplace. Get reliable, premium anti-reflective coatings - with the value, quality, and selection you and your patients expect. UNITY Elite/UV, Plus/UV, Classic/UV.

Sharper Image® TechShield
Sharper Image® TechShield combines premium anti-reflective properties with advanced blue light defense technology. Absorbs and reflects blue light; targets blue light associated with eye strain; resists scratches and smudges; and cleans easily.

sunsync® Photochromic Lenses
sunsync light-reactive lenses darken quickly in sunlight and fade fast to clear going indoors, making them ideal for people on the go. Available in attractive gray or brown, sunsync lenses combine the comfort and style of outdoor eyewear with the indoor clarity and precision of prescription lenses.