Extreme H2O Monthly

Extreme H2O Monthly

extreme h20 monthly

Extreme H2O Monthly is the only monthly disposable lens in three base curve options. Made with hioxifilcon D- the highest purity GMA / HEMA copolymer which, when combined with water, creates a low energy state, resulting in a low contact angle with properties that deliver extreme hydrophilicity keeping eyes naturally moist and comfortable all day long. Water loving material = Wetter lenses = More comfortable wearing experience.

Product Benefits

  • GMA copolymer provides outstanding optical properties and improved low contrast sensitivity for better night vision
  • Dimensionally stable polymer = excellent on-eye stability
  • Better fit results in better comfort, vision and health


Material Packaging Water Content Wearing Schedule Trial Available
hioxifilcon D 6 Pk / 12 Pk 54% Daily wear, monthly replacement Yes


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