ABB OPTICAL GROUP Releases Industry Insights

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ABB OPTICAL GROUP Releases Industry Insights
Manufacturer Innovation Leads to Accelerated Growth for Multi-Focal Contact Lenses


CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. (September 19, 2016) – As a distributor of optical products servicing two-thirds of practicing optometrists nationwide, ABB OPTICAL GROUP is a leading resource for identifying industry trends and projecting areas of future growth.

Multi-focal contact lens sales are a key driver of growth in the market. The company's data shows that:

  • Overall, on a dollar basis, the multi-focal contact lens segment is up 17 percent through the first half of the year, fueled predominantly by growth in daily disposable multi-focals, which are up over 90 percent year-to-date.
  • Practices that are more active in multi-focal fittings tend to be growing their total contact lens portfolios faster. Those that have at least 15 percent of their total contact lens revenue in multi-focals are growing their total contact lens portfolios nearly 60 percent faster than the market.
  • A multi-focal fit typically drives 52 percent more dollar margin than the equivalent spherical fit.
  • Ever think about banking multi-focals? Practices that bank a multi-focal are growing their multi-focal sales 3.1 times faster than the market.

"Manufacturers have accelerated their pace of innovation when it comes to multi-focals, which has fueled significant growth,” said ABB OPTICAL GROUP Vice President of Marketing Aaron See. "Better technology means increased success for eye care professionals. Today we are seeing a much broader assortment in the marketplace, with much more to come."

ABB OPTICAL GROUP is a leading provider of optical products in the United States. The company supplies nearly two-thirds of eye care professionals across the country with brand name contact lenses, fully customizable gas permeable and custom specialty soft contact lenses, ophthalmic lenses and more. The company's Digital Eye Lab is a fully automated optical lab dedicated to freeform digital lens fabrication. ABB OPTICAL GROUP also offers practice-building services such as pricing strategy tools, business reviews, annual supply staff training and e-commerce solutions. For additional information, visit

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